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2009: Twin Diamonds (first released in September 2009 and screened later in the same year at Ciné Lux, Bophana Center, and, in 2010, twice at Meta House); Golden Re-Awakening of Cambodian Cinema of ’60s and ’70s Film Exhibition, (late October 2009); “Rock n Roll Party”(late October 2009)

The Twin Diamonds, English Trailer from Kon Khmai Koun Khmai on Vimeo.

2010: “Concert: Sai and friends”, in partnership with the Chinese House (early July); Cambodian Youth Arts Festival, in partnership with Cambodian Living Arts and other arts organization (early August); “4th Generation of Cambodian Cinema” at Chinese House (mid-October); “Cambodia International Film Festival” (late October).


2011: “Boyfriend” (short process now in post-production stage) to be premiered this May. Here’s its trailer:

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